We are dedicated to radically transforming building in ways that will improve how we live, magnify our humanity, and sustain our communities and planet.

We are committed to making homes and buildings more affordable, safe, and truly sustainable. We do what we do because we know that our work is genuinely life-critical. We’re not just crafting a better living environment, we’re building a world where our kids, grandkids and future generations can live, love, share and flourish.


Stephen Sidwell

Stephen Sidwell  |  Chief Executive Officer

Stephen is a serial entrepreneur who has founded companies in various industries - including in manufacturing, retail, real estate, investment banking, healthy restaurants (LYFE Kitchen) and food brands (Luvo) - raising over a billion dollars in the process. He has been featured in business publications as an industry disrupter by Bloomberg, Fast Company, Fortune, NY Times, CNBC, and Huffington Post among others.

Stephen is committed to creating a greener, healthier planet for future generations. His current mission is to revolutionize the global construction industry, using Nexii's building technology to create a brighter future.


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